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Female, 50
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Crescent City, United States
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Crescent City, United States
quote-left Hello my name is Catherine. I have been studying Korean for about a year and half, most of my practice has been in listening and reading, I have little writing practice and almost no speaking practice. I like to watch Korean dramas, and have KakaoTalk on my cell. I have just gotten a TESOL and am working towards becoming a teacher of English as a second language. Right now I work in an after school program at a grade school. I basically choose topics I know any about so that you can select one you are personally comfortable discussing, I'm pretty flexible in that regard. quote-right
Animation, Art, J-POP, K-POP, Astrology, Backpacking, Beer, Bird Watching, Chess, Comics, Computers, Cooking, Cosplay, Creative Writing, Culture, Cycling, Dancing, Drama, Drawing, Folk Music, Gardening, Hiking, Indie Rock, Liquor, Mahjong, Mountain Biking, Musical Instruments, Camping, Painting, Pop music, Reading, Rock Music, Taichi, Theatre, Video games, Walking, Yoga,